This web site contains sexually-oriented material.

The contents are unsuitable for viewing by minors, as well as adults who prefer or are not permitted to view or receive information of this nature.


1. I acknowledge that I am over 21 years of age, and I am over the age of consent for my particular community, state, or nation. Note: if you are under 21 years of age and you do enter this site, you may be violating local, state or federal law.Please leave now.

2. I acknowledge that this website includes explicit bondage photos and stories and I have made an informed choice in choosing to view it. I am entering this site with the understanding that bondage should not be taken too seriously, it’s just something humans use to fulfill our desire for sensual and visual stimulation.

3. I understand that this blog relates to Rubber Princess’ subjective experiences of BDSM and rubber submission in a loving sub dom marriage.

WARNING : To any institutions or individuals using this site or its associated sites for studies or projects—You do NOT have our permission to use my profile or pictures in any forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered as a serious violation of our privacy, and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this!

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This Picture Says It All. It is so meaningful

This Picture Says It All. It is so meaningful


    • Thank you for the nomination, it is always nice to be appreicated, I never thought anyone would ever read this blog when I began writing it,but My Master insisted I get my feelings out and this was the perfect place to share, because people are in the same boat as me, everyone is just trying to understand who they are x

      • Yeah, well said”
        Feeling are feeling, they come in all shapes and forms.
        I am glad you listened.
        Thanks for following.


  1. “Rubber Bound Princess Diaries | A life of servitude, submission and rubber at my masters feet” was indeed truly engaging and educational!

    Within the present day universe that’s really hard to achieve.
    Thx, Bailey

  2. Dear Rubber Bound Princess,
    Thank you for noticing and following my blog. I have a latex and rubber fetish but sadly am allergic so I don’t get to participate. While I dream of attending the Rubber Ball in London someday (in a medical safety bubble!), for now I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the lovely things your Master gets to do to you.

    • Its not our account at all, we are on fetlife and WordPress nothing else but I will most certainly be having a look into why our image is being used x thank you for being curious enough to enquire it is very much appreciated x

    • Hi There.
      Thank you for the message and the heads up. I have checked the google account for them and also the you tube account and both of them have our image as the main profile picture. Both Princess and I can say that they are not our profiles and that the user has stolen our images. We have asked them to remove our pictures.
      Once again thank you for informing us.
      Master and Princess

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